• Microwave Cleaning Made Easy

    Microwave Cleaning Made Easy

    Microwave cleaning should be done regularly, but let’s face it – it doesn’t get done. You just close the door, and it’s out of sight, out of mind (until you use it again). Thus, your microwave is one of the most… Read more

  • What To Expect From a House Cleaning Service

    What To Expect From a House Cleaning Service

    Find out what to expect from a house cleaning service. If you have recently made the decision to hire a house cleaning service or you are just looking into the idea, you might be wondering what exactly to expect. Our… Read more

  • Effective Window cleaning checklist

    Effective Window cleaning checklist

    Do you leave streaks on your windows when you clean them or do your window seals and blinds collect dust because you don’t clean them?  Our window cleaning checklist will help you make this task less of a chore. Most… Read more


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