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Our apartment cleaning services aren specifically tailored for flats/apartments! Every living space deserves a thorough cleaning that you can see and feel. Maid Karma is proud to offer a service designed to serve residents of apartments, condominiums, and other small spaces.

Our Good Karma Guarantee for Apartments offers customized pricing to groups of residents in the same complex who register for weekly or bi-weekly service. In addition, customers who start service through this program will receive a discount applied to their “first-time-in” service fee.  Contact us to setup special pricing for cleaning your apartment community.


There’s a lot that goes into picking a great house cleaner. Trust us, we know! Finding a truly great team can take months! We interview 100s of cleaners before we hire one that meets our standard. That’s because with our 100% guarantee we can only afford the best cleaners! We’ve already handled the leg work of hiring a great team and we’ve put our money where our mouth is.

If for any reason you aren’t happy with our cleaning services please contact us. We will come back and clean the specific areas that didn’t meet. No questions asked!

The Perfect Clean

Contrary to what you might think, a small space doesn’t mean an easy clean. Dirt, germs, and grime can find their way into countless corners and spaces that are hidden out of sight. Our seasoned professionals know where to look and have the processes and techniques that will bring the shine and sparkle to every inch of your apartment or condo.

  • Deliver high quality and consistent services.
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Provide stable jobs with a living wage.
  • Concentrate our resources on maintaining standards.
  • Make you an extremely satisfied customer.

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      We use pet friendly cleaners as your pet is a valued member of your family.


      Your time is important to us. We provide always on time cleaning service.


  • How many people will come to clean my house?

    Depending on the size of your home we may send between 1 and 3 cleaners.  If you cheese our hourly cleaning services, you will have the option to select how many cleaners we send.

  • Do I have to be home for a cleaning?

    No.  Our staff can coordinate with you about the details on how our cleaners gain access to hour home.

  • How long will it take to clean my house?

    If you have not had your home professionally cleaned recently our staff usually has to spend a lot more time during the first clean.  Exactly how long really depends on factors such as the size and scope of work.  We estimate between 2-5 hours.


Deep cleaning $135 - $230
End of tenancy cleaning $135 - $230
Standard House cleaning $119 - $229
Interior fridge/oven cleaning From $20 / item
Inside kitchen cabinets From $40 / day
Office cleaning $350 per cleaning and up
Hourly $50 per cleaner per hour

    Standard Apartment Cleaning


    • Cobweb Removal: One of our specialized teams will remove cobwebs from corners.
    • Ceiling Fans: We’ll remove every trace of dirt from your ceiling fans. (as needed)
    • Kitchen Cabinets: We’ll treat your kitchen cabinets with tender care. Wet wiping them and removing dust and buildup from the outside. Inside the cabinets is available as an add-on service.
    • Clean Stove Top: Well scrub grates, drip pans, and surface tops with our special non-scratch sponges.
    • Clean Microwave: We’ll deep clean microwave and wash and dry microwave plate.
    • Clean Countertops: We clean countertops including marble and stone surfaces.
    • Clean Large Electronic Appliances: The outside of fridges, oven, dishwashers, and more. Inside of those appliances is available as an add-on service.
    • Scrub and Clean Sinks: We will scrub and place any dishes from the sink in the dishwasher.
    • Polish all Stainless Steel Surfaces: We’ll polish all stainless steel surfaces including appliances.
    • Empty Trash Can: We’ll empty the trash and replace it with new bags if you inform us of the location of new bags.
    • Vacuum Kitchen and Laundry Floors and Rugs: Our equipment is specially designed for deep cleaning of rugs and safe polishing of tiles.
    • Mop Kitchen and Laundry Floors: Mopping the floors in high traffic hallways, kitchens and laundry rooms is an important touch that’s included with every cleaning.


    • Clean Counter Tops: We use safe green products to clean appliances and for marble and stone surfaces.
    • Clean Mirrors and Shine Chrome: All mirrors in the bathroom and tub spaces will be cleaned. Get ready for a fresh new look at that beautiful face of yours!
    • Cobweb Removal: All cobwebs will be removed from corners.
    • Furniture in Bathrooms: We wipe any dust, marks or spots. (as needed)
    • Empty Trash Can(s): We will always empty the trash and put in new bags if that trash is full. Please let us know where you keep the new bags or leave a couple on the kitchen counter for us to use.
    • Mop Bathroom Floors: We’ll mop floors leaving a fresh scent (no chemical cocktails).
    • Scrub and Clean Showers: We scrub and clean shower walls, doors, and floors.
    • Scrub and Clean Sinks: We use non-scratch tools and products for your fixtures.
    • Scrub and Clean Toilets: We scrub and clean toilets and make sure the base is fully wiped.
    • Scrub and Clean Tubs: We scrub and clean tubs and wipe adornments and surfaces.
    • Dust/Wipe Doors: You can inform us if you need us to wipe down doors and we’ll take care of it.
    • Vacuum Bathroom Floors and Rugs: We take special care when vacuuming bathrooms and rugs.
    • Wipe Bathroom Cabinets(Outside): We wipe cabinets’ surfaces.

    Bedrooms and Living Spaces

    • Ceiling Fans Detail Cleaning: We Deep Clean ceiling fans and remove all dust. (as needed)
    • Cobweb Removal: One of our specialized teams will remove cobwebs from corners, ceilings, and behind furniture.
    • Dust Furniture in Bathrooms: We wipe any dust, marks or spots off furniture in the bathroom.
    • Empty trash in all bedrooms, living, and office spaces: We’ll take trash to the garbage or dumpster (if possible) once Maid Service is completed.
    • Make beds and change bed linens (when left on top of the bed): Leave the bed linens on top of each bed and we’ll change them.
    • Vacuum all carpet, small rugs, and stairs: We use special floor attachments for floors and rugs.

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