• fun facts about toilets

    fun facts about toilets

    Our first of the fun facts about toilets is: a toilet or bathroom goes by different names around the world, including potty, privy, water closet, latrine, dunny, john, can, facility, restroom, washroom, powder room, lavatory, outhouse, convenience, bog, khazi, garderobe, cloakroom, throne room and many more.  Despite its many names, toilets are… Read more

  • 10 germiest places in the house

    10 germiest places in the house

    10 Germiest Places In Your House   The bathroom is often thought of as the germiest place in the home, but that’s not completely true. It is on the list, but see the other nine. The Refrigerator   How often do you actually clean your refrigerator? To keep it off the germiest places in the Read more

  • How To Prepare For A Cleaning Service

    How To Prepare For A Cleaning Service

    Should you prepare for a cleaning service? The short answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean you should clean your entire house.Instead, your house should be tidy and ready to be cleaned. We’ve provided a few additional things you can do to allow the cleaning service to work efficiently. This preparation will make sure that Read more

  • cleaning with alcohol – maid karma top 10

    cleaning with alcohol – maid karma top 10

    Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is a very common household item.  But, cleaning with alcohol isn’t usually the first thought when it’s mentioned. Instead, alcohol is usually thought of as an antiseptic and for medical uses – which is why it’s usually kept in the “medicine cabinet”. In addition to its medicinal use, alcohol… Read more

  • cleaning quiz – test your knowledge

    cleaning quiz – test your knowledge

    How Much Do You Know About House Cleaning? Take Our Short Quiz… Which has more germs: Kitchen Sink or Toilet? What fruit makes a great disinfectant? Cleaning vinegar and white distilled vinegar are the same. How long should you leave a cleaner/disinfectant on a surface before wiping? There is no difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Read more

  • tidy up or clean – what’s the difference?

    tidy up or clean – what’s the difference?

    Should you tidy up before the house cleaner arrives? Even though you’re hiring someone to clean your house. It’s a common, as well as valid question. It is also a common practice. Some people go too far, because they don’t want the house cleaner to think that they are “dirty”.  And, some don’t go far Read more

  • EASY Cleaning with baking soda

    EASY Cleaning with baking soda

    When we think of baking soda two things come to mind, cakes and the box that has been in your refrigerator for months. Yes it helps produce some of your favorite sweet treats, but cleaning with baking soda is also popular. Formally known as sodium bicarbonate, baking Soda is a leavening agent used in baked Read more

  • 5 Ways To Use Lemons To Clean Your House

    5 Ways To Use Lemons To Clean Your House

    When life hands you lemons, you could make lemonade. Or, you could use lemons to clean your house. Lemons are very versatile for cleaning. The acid in them makes them a natural bleach alternative.  In addition, there’s also the lemony scent, which is very refreshing. Maid Karma has put together a list of our top Read more



    What are the germiest places in your home? I’ll give you a few second to think… I’d be willing to bet you chose the bathroom. While the bathroom is full of germs, it’s not the worst. According to a 2011 Study by the NSF, the kitchen had more germs than any other room in the Read more

  • Microwave Cleaning Made Easy

    Microwave Cleaning Made Easy

    Read more


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