Certainly A Clean house is a sad house

Certainly A Clean house is a sad house

Too Clean?

“A clean house is a sad house.” – Marty Rubin

Is a clean house actually a sad house? As a cleaning company, Maid Karma focuses on making and keeping houses clean. So, it is no wonder that we completely disagree with this quote. We know for a fact that a clean home is a happy home.

But, the quote is not entirely untrue… What we take from Marty’s quote is that keeping a house clean is hard, and it can take a lot of your personal time – leaving you a little less than joyful. That time could be better spent doing things that you enjoy. Read that book you bought months ago, start a business, spend time with family and friends, or just relax (you deserve it).

Wondering how can you do all that when you still have to clean your house? Well, we have an answer: hire a cleaning service like Maid Karma. We make it easy to 1. Book a cleaning appointment (either online or by phone) 2. Get your house cleaned. You work hard, and the last thing you want to or should be doing is cleaning your house. Come home to a clean, happy house.

A Clean House Is A Sad House

“I think homes that are too tidy, neat and sparse look like nothing interesting is going on.” – Shelley Malec Vitale

Is there a such thing as too tidy? Well… Yes and No. As a cleaning business we’re obligated to say that a house can never be too tidy and neat ? After all, that is how we like to leave houses once we’re done.

But, Shelley is right. If it’s too neat, there can’t be a lot of fun had in that house. A should be neat, but it shouldn’t look like a museum. Museums are great to visit, but it would be pretty boring to live in one. A home should also looks like people actually live there – which is pretty easy if you have children. 

Besides… worrying about keeping your house immaculate all the time has to be pretty stressful. A house that looks “lived in” doesn’t have to be messy or dirty. Although, sometimes both of those happen. But, that’s okay.

So, as you see there just may be such a thing as too neat, too tidy. The idea is to find that happy medium between a house that is too neat – and one that looks like the people in it are having fun. If you’re not having fun, because you’re worried about making a little mess or disorder – then Marty is right: A clean house is a sad house.



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