How To Prepare For A Cleaning Service

How To Prepare For A Cleaning Service

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Should you prepare for a cleaning service? The short answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean you should clean your entire house.Instead, your house should be tidy and ready to be cleaned. We’ve provided a few additional things you can do to allow the cleaning service to work efficiently. This preparation will make sure that there aren’t any misunderstandings – so your home receives the best clean possible.

Pick up everyday clutter

Okay – so how exactly do you prepare for a cleaning service? Well – you start by clearing the house of any clutter. This can ensure that the cleaner spends the majority of their time cleaning and not organizing. Having to pick up and organize your home takes more time, this is especially important if you are paying hourly. As, more time means more money spent. This simple time saving activity will save you money and allow time for deeper cleaning, not just surface cleaning.

Secure important documents, jewelry, and cash

When hiring a cleaning service, making sure that they are insured and bonded should be one of the things you look for. And, most cleaning companies have background check procedures. While these things make the service reliable and can set your mind at ease, don’t totally rely on that.  With an ounce of prevention you can completely protect your peace of mind by just securing your valuables. Don’t leave important documents where they are visible. Don’t leave money out, and store your jewelry and other valuable items in a locked room or safe.

Put away the pets

To prepare for a cleaning service consider your pets. When booking the appointment, it is helpful to your pet and the cleaner to state if there are pets in the home. We all love our pets, but some people have allergies and even fear of certain animals. And sometimes pets don’t deal with unfamiliar people well. In any event, it may be a good idea to put them away where they are safe and secure prior to the house cleaner’s arrival. Also keep in mind that basic cleaning services do not usually include things like cleaning up after pets (litter boxes, urine control, etc.) 

Communicate and prepare instructions

Prepare for a cleaning service by clearly communicating any special instructions when scheduling. If you have an area in your house that needs more attention or you would like the cleaner to avoid, be sure to notify the cleaning service. In addition if you have any broken items that shouldn’t be moved or touched – it’s best to identify those things upfront.

It might also be good to remind the cleaner of any special instructions when they arrive. We live in a communication age, but sometimes a verbal reminder can go a long way in avoiding any confusion.

In Conclusion

Hiring professional cleaners will allow you to reclaim personal time so that you can make time for yourself. Spend some quality time with your family, get a massage, finish that book you’ve been meaning to read, or just relax . Let the cleaning service handle the regular cleaning chores. After all, isn’t that why you hired them? Hiring a cleaner also ensures that not only is the job done, it’s done well – without you having to lift a finger. So, if you take the time to prepare for a cleaning service with the tips we have provided, we promise it will make for a more pleasant experience for you and the cleaner.



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