Effective Window cleaning checklist

Effective Window cleaning checklist

Do you leave streaks on your windows when you clean them or do your window seals and blinds collect dust because you don’t clean them?  Our window cleaning checklist will help you make this task less of a chore.

Most glass can be cleaned with soap and water. However, some situations will call for specialized cleaning solutions. Large panes are best cleaned with a squeegee and a window cleaning detergent solution and finished with detailing cloth to eliminate streaks. Small panes and leaded or stained glass are best cleaned with plain water and specialized window cleaning cloths. Minimize the need for extra cleaning by not taping or sticking anything to your windows you don't want to leave there permanently. If you're painting, protect your windows from drips or splatters. Window cleaners have the right equipment to take off glue, paint and other debris that can settle on glass. If you have tinted windows, it takes extra care to clean them. The cleaning of windows also includes the screens and wiping clean the sills. If you hire a pro, make sure the company is insured because a lot of window washing involves ladders, safety harnesses and scaffolding. Precautions are essential to ensure everyone's protection.

Forget window cleaner and a roll of paper towel – you’ll just end up pushing dirt around and leaving smudges behind. Here’s what you need to really clean those windows this spring…a window cleaning checklist

Struggling to get streak-free windows and want to know the best way to clean windows?

Like painting, people often underestimate the technique it takes to get a perfect finish on a pane of glass. Besides the tricks the pros use you also need the right tools, and a song to help you along. We can’t think of a better tune than Van Morrison’s very own ‘Cleaning Windows’ – to help you get that job done!

Keep your windows sparkling.

Unless you’ve installed replacement windows that tilt inwards, cleaning your windows is a difficult, time-consuming and potentially dangerous job. Thousands of people are injured each year from ladder falls, and adding in buckets of soapy water and the need to stretch to reach corners increases the chances of an accident.

Window Cleaning Checklist

Soft-bristled brush — Before choosing a brush, hold it in your hand as you would when cleaning windows. Is it a comfortable fit? It should be, especially if you have a great number of windows in your home.

High-quality squeegee — Opt for one with a metal frame that will last for years to come and with a replaceable rubber blade. The size squeegee you get depends on the type of windows you have. For picture windows, a 12-inch tool works best. If you have multi-pane windows, measure the pane before you go shopping to ensure the squeegee will fit inside.

Strip applicator with cloth head — This tool looks like a squeegee but has a cloth strip instead of rubber. Again, get the size that suits your type of window.

Fine steel wool or cleansing powder with oxalic acid — Both will remove mineral stains.

Nylon scrubbing pad — If you have bug droppings or tree pitch on your windows, have one of these tools handy.

Bucket — Stick to a smaller size, one that allows you to easily move it from window to window and to carry it up a ladder.

Ladder — Choose a sturdy one with a platform on which to set your bucket.

Dishwashing liquid or white vinegar — Either will get the job done.

Lint-free rags — Use new rags to avoid leaving streaks behind or be sure to dry your rags without fabric softener, as it can transfer its residue to your windows.

Rubber gloves — Protect your hands from the drying effects of cleaning solutions.



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