How To Keep Your House Clean During Coronavirus

How To Keep Your House Clean During Coronavirus

Great Tips On How To Keep Your House Clean During Coronavirus

Maid Karma wants to share some important tips on how to keep your house clean during coronavirus and beyond

As of the date of this blog post, the Unites States has 1.1 confirmed cases of coronavirus (CoVID-19), according to the CDC.  As you may be aware Laurel, MD spreads (no pin intended) three counties (some say four) with Prince George’s county topping the list with 5,263 confirmed cases,  Anne Arundel County coming in with 1,544 confirmed cases and Howard County has 778 confirmed cases.  So what can you do to ensure you keep your house clean during this pandemic?   Simple, follow these recommendations but don’t forget that the best and safest ways to keep any home clean is to hire the experts.

What products can you use (and what can you do) around your home

  1. Shop local:  The cheapest, most natural, and effective method for cleaning is with anti-viral soap. You find these at local natural stores like David’s Natural Market and MOM’s in Laurel Maryland.
  2. Clean your home and Disinfect routinely:  Disinfecting and cleaning your home are different (do both); disinfecting neutralizes the virus via chemicals. Cleaning removes it from a surface.
  3. Order of best to least effective disinfectants: 61% – 95% Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Iodine, Bleach
  4. Things that aren’t effective: Vinegar, Ammonia, Witch Hazel, Tea Tree oil, less than 60% Alcohol, using less than the needed amounts of the other disinfectants

What does not work against COVID-19

How To Keep Your House Clean During Coronavirus

Ammonia is ineffective toward enveloped viruses. Vodka or other alcohols meant for drinking below 120 proof are not effective.   Malt Vinegar has some signs of killing influenza, but not any of the corona family of viruses and NO, you can NOT ingest disinfectants into your body despite what anyone tells you.

Other recommendations

Create a home cleaning routine.  If you have children, play a game to see who can wash their hands the most during the day; use a small 30-second timer to ensure your hand-washing is effective; create a daily cleaning schedule; use Lysol or other disinfectants on your countertops, bathrooms, light switches, and doorknobs and other surfaces you touch around the house.


As we mentioned before, the best and safest ways to keep any home clean is to hire the experts.  Find local cleaning and disinfecting housecleaning and maid services in the DMV that offer multiple housekeeping services that  will go a long way in keeping your pets and family safe. Finding time to clean and sanitize on your own can be just as hard as doing the actual cleaning.

If you need help Maid Karma has your back.  Let us focus on your home while you focus on you.  All of our home cleaning services are discounted until the pandemic has passed. We’re here to support you and your family. 

Our easy 60-second booking form can be used to set up an appointment online at any time. 

Do you have any tips to share or anything unique you are doing in your house cleaning routine that you’d like to share?  Contact Us.



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